What Style of Clothing goes Best with Silver jewellery?

Posted on November 1st, 2021 01:21 PM
style of clothing

Styling your look can be fun, yet confusing if one does not have an idea about the combinations and color palettes that look best when combined with each other. Talk about tough! Styling your look gets especially tough when one needs to decide on a dress that complements the jewelry that you're looking to sport, especially if it is an exquisite piece of silver that one finds at Soul by Sisters' collection. An exquisite piece of silver jewelry requires you to pair it up with a dress that compliments your look as a whole. Let us take a look at what goes best with silver jewelry-

• V-neck

V-neck dresses work amazingly well when you want to show off your silver necklaces. They complement the necklaces quite well and turn everyone’s attention towards the neckline so that the jewelry gets most of the attention. Show off your exquisite silver necklaces with these dresses.

• High-Neckline Dresses and Tops

High-neckline dresses, be it sweaters or turtlenecks, a very good fit when you want to show off your earrings. Be it a bold pair of earrings, or stud earrings, you'd be surprised to know how well they would pair up with high neckline dresses and sweaters. Stud earrings also work well with v-neck dresses

• Sarees

Ah, the symbol of India and its culture, the elegant and extravagant (in looks) saree. A saree is for everyone, it is a graceful and elegant attire, yet something that every woman can easily carry gracefully. Pair them with Tribal Silver Earrings or Chaand Baalis and look your best. With a saree, silver choker necklaces or collar necklaces will look the best and compliment it.

• Lacy and Single Colored Dresses

Lacy and single-colored dresses such as a black dress, or a dress with a dark color such as burgundy or a dark green dress work quite well too. Dresses with laces automatically bring attention to the jewelry, and this principle applies to dark dresses as well, because when seen in contrast with silver jewelry, they work as a highlighter that shows off their gleam and beauty when combined with them. Dark dresses and dresses with laces are indeed quite good as far as pairing them with silver goes.

• Ethnic Kurtis and Salwar –

For the best casual ethnic look, Kurti and salwar is your best bet. Furthermore, this popular combination also works well in terms of showing off your silver jewelry. Soul by Sisters' jewelry pieces will surely work well with this ethnic look of yours. Be it an exquisite earring with a detailed design, or a silvery piece of necklace, they will pair quite well with a Kurti. All you need to do is pick a piece that matches your choice.

It must be noted that while the type of dress matters a lot, what also matters is the color of the dress and the occasion for which you would be wearing your jewelry. When looking to pair it, always keep in mind the color combination and the occasion as well.