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How to buy Authentic Silver Jewelry?

How to buy Authentic Silver Jewelry?

December 21st, 2021

Silver jewelry pieces are exquisite and have a lovely charm, but it is tough for a buyer to buy authentic silver jewelry with ease. Today, there are so many sellers in the market that claim to sell exclusive silver jewelry, which makes it all the tougher for people to assess whether the jewelry they are buying is authentic or not.Luckily, there are some ways to identify and choose the best and the most authentic silver jewelry. Let us take a look at them.

Ask About Making Charges

Making changes is the additional cost that is incurred by the buyer of jewelry in addition to the price of the precious stone or metal. It is the cost of making that particular jewelry that a buyer has to pay alongside other costs of jewelry. Generally, silver jewelry has low made charges as compared to gold or any other precious metal, which is what makes it affordable. Get a better idea about what are the average making charges in your region and buy accordingly.

Always Ask about Buy-back Policy

It is a common practice for people to sell their old silver jewelry while buying new, authentic silver jewelry. While buying a piece of new silver jewelry, always remember to ask the seller about their buy-back policy if you sell the jewelry to the same jeweler. This may also depend on the different costs that you are in incurring on the jewelry, so always get an invoice that shows you all those charges that were included in the cost of jewelry.

Look for Hallmarks and Grades of Silver

If the jewelry you're buying is authentic, there's a chance that it may contain hallmarks, or silver grading or both. The hallmarks and grades are located on the jewelry only, and you may need to use magnifying glasses to look for it. If you are buying jewelry from a physical store, it is better to look for such markings by asking the salesman about it. Carefully do your research beforehand about how genuine markings look like.However, they might not be the best indicators because getting hallmarks and grades of silver on jewelry is completely voluntary. Some sellers may get it, some may not.

Perform Simple Tests

There are some very simple and non-harmful tests that you can perform when buying your silver jewelry. To check if you‘re buying authentic silver jewelry, take a powerful magnet with you and try to use it on the jewelry you want to buy. A piece of silver jewelry will never stick to the magnet.The other test that you can do is take a white cloth with you and rub it on the jewelry. If the jewelry is authentic silver, the cloth will have black marks on it. That is because when pure silver is exposed to air, it oxidizes and leaves black marks. The jewelry that leaves no marks is most probably made out of German silver, which is nothing but silver polish on any metal such as copper or brass.

Take Precautions when Buying Silver Jewelry Online

Buying authentic silver jewelry online has its own negatives and positives. As far as the negatives go, there may be a chance that you may be scammed into buying fake silver jewelry. When browsing for it online, always look for signs of authenticity such as customer testimonials, physical addresses of the business and the owners, and other signs that signal authenticity. Keep extreme care and buy only when you're 100% sure.When looking to buy authentic silver jewelry, it is very important that there is proper scrutiny of the seller and the particular piece of jewelry that you're looking to buy. The above points are quite thorough and specific as to what you need to do in order to scrutinize, yet very simple. Be sure to follow them.

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