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About Us

Soulbysisters is a collection of traditional, ethnic and temple jewelry, where the connection of Soul and beauty is enhanced by unique and empowering symbols which manifest themselves in the form of jewelry. Our temple jewelry designs are uniquely handcrafted and have been kept alive by craftsmen, who pass on this knowledge to the next generation as a legacy. The exclusive jewelry beguiles the eye and at the same time mesmerizes the Soul. Our temple jewelry range is crafted by gold artisans replicating the age old designs in silver using rare gemstones including kemp, pearls, rubies, emeralds, kundan, polka and techniques which add shine to it. Extensive use of uncut precious stones gives a grandiose touch. 

Jewelry has been symbolic through the ages. It is intrinsically connected to the human psyche and is a non-verbal expression of self. Women love the idea of ‘connection’ – having a piece of jewelry that really means something, something that moves their soul and allows an emotional connection. A piece that is representative of an event, a moment in time, a loved one or life’s journey itself…

Do some ‘Soul’ searching with our exquisite handmade jewelry!